Doing Our Part To "Slow The Spread"


Drive In Service

Sunday 's 10am

Wednesday's 7:30pm

Come As You Are & Stay In Your Car

Live Worship & Ministry

 Tune Your FM Radio for easy listening.

Please allow parking attendant to park you to maintain proper social distancing when you turn your car off and roll down windows. 


Drive Thru Prayer

Sunday 's 9:30am 

Wednesday's 7pm

Need Healing, Protection, Provision, or Want to simply draw closer to God. Our Ministry Team is ready to Pray with you. 


Weekly Interactive Zoom Meetings

Connect Groups on Thursday's are held currently through the ZOOM app. You can log on from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Stay connected, stay encouraged, and Grow in God during this time. 

Friday Bible Trivia via Zoom with Pastor Johnson


Kid & Teen Weekday Devotions on Zoom. 

Keep your kids connected to their teachers, their friends, but most importantly to Jesus. 

Kids Devotions at 9am Monday - Friday

Teen Devotions at 8:30am

Youth ZOOM Group Meetings. 

Tuesday Evenings & Friday Evenings 



Do I Have To Leave My Car Running?

No, our parking lot attendants are parking everyone in a way to accommodate social distancing guidelines when cars are turned off and windows are rolled down.  

I want to come, but I don't want to break the law.

We are in agreement with the guidelines of slowing the spread, and support our National and State leaders. We sought permission from Pasco County Covid-19 Authorities and they are in approval of our Drive-In & Drive Thru Ministry opportunities. 

What if my radio don't work?

No worries, the radio is just to provide easy listening, there are house speakers set up on stage as well to accommodate those who don't want to use the radios. 

Can I get out of my car and go say hello to everyone?

To stay compliant with Social Distancing we must maintain the proper distance and to expose our members or guest to any possible virus at this time. It is important that everyone stays in their cars or in the back of their pick up beds, and not socialize. It is important that we maintain the proper distance and not expose our members or guest to any possible virus during this time. We want everyone to feel safe and be able to enjoy worshiping together. Feel free to wave and talk from your cars. 

I am worried about joining the online interactive groups?

We understand technology can be challenging sometimes. These interactive groups are held on a platform that is called a "closed circuit". Meaning it is not like going "live" on facebook and where everyone can see you. Only those in the meeting can hear or see you. These are not recorded or broadcasted sessions. 

Have any other questions?

Call: 727-862-9595


or message us on Facebook. 

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